Investment strategy

Adiwale provides equity for growth while empowering owners in the control and oversight of their business. We make initial investments of €3m-€7m for strong minority stakes. We are able to provide follow-on capital up to €10m, based on milestones. Above €10m, we can bring the right co-investor for further funding. We take a minority equity stake (15%-45%) in companies that are growing and can make the leap and build at least a West African presence

We can structure investments in ordinary shares, with a combination including preference shares and loan notes. We can provide a bit of cash-out for founders and early investors if strong alignment can be maintained. We seat on the board of investee companies, we offer guidance and expertise yet business owners stay firmly in control. We aim to offer superior returns to investors, based on the application of strict standards of investment selection, value addition and portfolio construction

Our unique value proposition is to prepare portfolio companies to conquer new markets. The Adiwale value creation approach consists in working closely with shareholders and management teams to perform a clinical analysis of operational gaps and then focus on the governance and functional capacity enhancements needed to adjust such gaps. Our focus allows for stronger execution of strategic decisions and leads to higher top line growth

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Investment criteria

Adiwale has identified key investment criteria where the combination of  our expertise, network and also market conditions will yield the best results

Geographic Focus
We have a primary focus on Francophone West Africa
Target sectors
Consumer-driven: goods and services, education and health
Business services: transport, logistics, IT & internet services, construction services, etc.
Manufacturing: pharmaceuticals, agri-processing, chemicals, etc.
Target Businesses
Medium size companies
Managers with a transformative and disruptive vision
Potential to scale up substantially and to improve internal operations and governance
Transaction Structure
€3 to €10 million per transaction
Minority ownership
Board and working group seats
Strong focus on cash generation


The founding partners have unique and complementary experiences gathered over the past 20 years in the USA, Europe and in Africa. Our private equity experience in the region includes 20 transactions in the consumer, business services, manufacturing and financial services sectors, of which 14 have been fully realised returning 2.4x of invested capital. We also gather deep experience in private equity fund investments and equity research. Our access to global standards allows us to build a strong portfolio management platform which includes an Operating Partner. The addition of strong in-house operational capacity differentiates Adiwale from most SME players and will help increase portfolio companies’ return potential

Adiwale helps investee companies make substantial improvements in governance and operations so that management can better focus on driving top line growth. Our platform includes over 20 senior consultants, with strong experience in human capital & organisation, ESG, accounts & reporting, marketing & sales, IT systems, supply chain, etc. We have built a network that allows us to provide strategic guidance, implement operational improvements and help address any hurdle investee companies may face

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